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No connection - BT, an utter shambles



After moving house and going on holiday immediatley afterwards I had arranged for BT telephone and broadband to be setup whilst I was away.  I returned to a post office red card who were holding my home hub which I duly collected.  After returning home I found I had phone service but when I plugged the homehub in, no broadband.  This was on the 6th December.  I had received a text from BT whilst on holiday telling me the broadband was running from the 4th of December.  Since then I have had numerous calls with polite, yet extremely unhelpful call centre staff in India who initially told me the fault was due to a major service outage in the area.  After checking with facebook "shout out" in my local area no one who responded and was also a BT customer in my area has lost broadband or had been made aware of a major service outage in the area.  When I posed this to the Indian engineer the story changed.... If there's one thing that really p****s me off is customer service changing stories in such circumstances, it gives you zero faith in them.....  My fault was now down to a broken cable, somewhere, specific to me and would be fixed by 18:00 on the 11th....  It wasn't.  I called back and was told that the fault would be escelated to 2nd line who would call me back between 18:00 and 20:00 on the 12th.  I even received a text saying I would get a call between these times.  Guess what, no call.....  So I called the helpline again and surprisingly was directed to 2nd line (service monitoring??) and spoke to another 'engineer' who did all the same tests again and I am now waiting for an engineer to visit the property on the 16th, some 12 days after the service should have been working, and 10 days after my initial fault report.  Absolutely appalling service.


I have to say this is my first experience of BT after being with various ISPs before and I am shocked at the incompetance and inability for this company to sort out this issue and the time taken.  It is obvious they haven't a clue as to what the root cause is by the fact that the story has changed twice, and that the original 'major service outage' has cleared and the fault still exists.... When speaking to the 'engineers' their technical knowledge is shockingly poor.  I've worked in the communications industry for over 20 years (DDSN/IN for BT, Mondial International Gateway for BTI), ATM, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), 3G/UMTS and Satcomms so I know a little about how things work and it has been a real struggle to get the 'engineers' to talk in any sensible way, obviously only following scripts.  It seemed impossible for me to get the 'engineer' to understand that no extensions were wired to the BT master socket faceplate and thus there is no 'internal' wiring to be considered.  I have never had such an incredibly ppor customer experience.  What an utter shambles.




Symptoms:  Homehub 4 type A - Orange light with flashing red 'b'


Phone service is ok, both incoming and outgoing calls are good.  No audible interference/crackle etc.


Incoming line connects to A & B posts on the back of the BT master socket.  Old BT wiring, solid colours on the wires, not the more modern strips colourings, white/blue, blue/white, etc.  Colours connected, solid blue and one of the solid whites.


All extension sockets disconnected (via splitters on the front of the BT master socket) and won't be used.


Filter attached to the front of the BT master socket.  (has also been tried with the test socket after the front plate had been removed).


Have tried 3 different filters and 3 different RJ11 cables between the filter and the HH.  No luck.


I suspect the property has had a 2nd line in the past as another pair (solid orange and a different solid white) from the incoming bundle are connected directly to a 2nd master socket in another room (not via the first master socket).   No phone or broadband service on this line.


Any suggestions whilst I wait till Monday for an engineer to visit?

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Re: No connection - BT, an utter shambles

Hi Chrishunt,


I am really sorry that you have had a such a poor experience with BT recently.  I'll be happy to help with this and make sure you are kept abreast of everything that is happening.  At the moment it sounds like the steps you are have taken are pretty thorough and as such its probably best to wait for the engineer to call and have a closer look.


I can track things on my side as well.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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Re: No connection - BT, an utter shambles

So with the BT engineer today the problem has turned out to be....


The line wasn't connected to a DSLAM at the exchange.........


So it was never going to work......


How it has taken 12 days to work this out is totally unbelievable, and why it needed an engineer to visit the my house and then have to go to the exchange to be able to work this out is laughable.  From a BT perspective this must be such an enormous waste of resource...... 3 hours+ of an engineers time to get this resolved after 12 days of no one actually knowing whats the root cause was. 

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Re: No connection - BT, an utter shambles

It used to be the case that the engineering dept could test into the exchange  and put the fault there. With the new computer engineering displays and new digital systems I thought it would be a lot easier. But it depends on the programming and access  priority.

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