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No consideration for customers

It's now all about sales with BT. I received a cold call from BT advising me to change to infinity. I asked and asked would it be OK with a MAC. I was assured it would be. I could not trust BT as I had heard so many problems with technical advice. I searched and found out that it would be incompatible with my MAC OSX 10.4 I cancelled straight away as my OSX platform was only 10.4. 


BT has been charging me ever since even though I asked for an e-mail to confirm I had cancelled the order, which in the end she eventually and shruggingly did. My broadband BT Option 3 has not been the same since, it keeps cutting out.


I was telephoned again by another cold caller (New sales call  - not a technical advisor) who assured me that my contract runs out in August. I, like a mug have signed up again, after upgrading my MAC OSX platform to 10.5.

Looking around the site again the BTHUB3 can only to connect to 10.4. I cannot change to an earlier version now especially after upgrading and spending all this money because of a BT sales person!!!! GIVING ME TECHNICAL ADVICE WHICH THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE AVAILABLE TO THEM!!!


How much are these top managers being paid to oversee all these problems? Especially when I have heard that they can give Broadband usage away to other managers in competing telephone companies. Look after your paying customers BT. 


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Re: No consideration for customers



Can you give us an idea of the reasons why it can't connect (HH3 & MACOSX 10.5)



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Re: No consideration for customers

I have friends using macs on both infinity and adsl2+ using HH3 And HH2 all work with macs there is also no reason you cannot use an apple airport with the BT openreach modem on infinity instead of the HH2or3
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Re: No consideration for customers

Long time Mac user with Infinity here.


There are no problems with Macs and Infinity. None at all!


I am aware of Mac users who are using Infinty with MacOSX 10.4/10.5/10.6 and 10.7 with HH2(B) and HH3 without any problems (apart from when the HH is faulty).


I do not know where you have read the rubbish about HH3 working only with MacOSX 10.4. Forget all the nonsense and get Infinity. You will have no regrets.