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No dial tone - Interesting wiring!

Hi all.


I've just bought a house that has (according to the old owners, who we know) never had problems with the line. They had BT Infinity installed about a year ago and as part of this, a openreach engineer installed a master socket - However the cable leaves the socket internally, and runs towards the porch:


Before the porch at ground level, I can see that the Orange (A) / Blue (B) wires from the master socket (where I am plugging the phone in) joins with blue/white stripe, and orange from master joins with white/blue stripe that runs up the wall to yet another little white BT box:

The above shows the blue/white cable terminating in the top slot, and the white/blue cable to the middle slot. This then runs outside to a very old and spider filled brown box:

I can't really tell where the cables from the inside go from here, I can only really see that the black cable on the far left is supplied via the telegraph pole outside our house, and provides orange/white/green/black wires to the black terminal in the middle.


Can anyone spot anything obviously wrong? I've logged a fault with BT given I believe that everything looks OK up to picture 3... and the next 'node' is outside and appears to be part of BT's network.


Thanks in advance for any assistance 🙂



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Re: No dial tone - Interesting wiring!

There appears to be some star wiring going on there.

in the 3rd picture there some old grey telco punched down into the idc's - soild green and blue wired - might be worth seeing where that leads to
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