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No dial tone, recieving calls, but not ringing, can't answer and more.

On Friday I contacted BT about not having a dial tone and this was apparently fixed Monday, few hours later the same problem started again. I looked outside and there were still people working at the cabinet and just assumed they are still messing about in there. Anyway today the problem continues, the workers are still there. I asked if their work is messing up my phone, they said no.


I have tested with two handsets, one old panasonic one which is just showing check phone line and a new cheap one that I just picked up to test to make sure its not the phone. The new one shows that phone calls are coming, or at least I can see my mobile number on the phone when I call it, but the phone does not ring and I can not answer it. When I press the answer button I can hear some noise in the background, but that is it. 


This morning I did another phone line test and that came back with no faults and it says I should look at my end for any issues. I don't have any extension wiring in my house. The wiring in my house is not even very old. When I had infinity installed in January the person laid down new cable because wiring in my house was old.


just to add, broadband is working perfectly, so not sure what is going on. In the past when phone went down so did internet.


edit: tried the test socket. Same result.


Finally got through to their phone support and now they are saying its a fault on their network. I don't know what's going on.

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