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Re: No dial tone

Nope to my knowledge the connection has been solid.

I'll check the attainable later it was 73/20Mbps.


Just to make life easier for BT Staff, I had no dial tone or fibre when I moved into the house 6 months ago. This was resolved when BT came out and changed my master socket for a new 5C socket and ran a new wire / crimped the cable from outside into the back of the master socket.

I have tried sliding the faceplate off and plugging my landline into the test socket, still nothing at all.


I have no other extensions in the house.


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Re: No dial tone

A fault in the exchange, or a disconnection between the exchange and the cabinet, can cause a loss of dial tone, while not affecting VDSL broadband, as that comes from the cabinet.

Most times its caused by a faulty line card or a disconnected jumper in the exchange.


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Re: No dial tone

So what I need from BT is confirmation of the engineer apointment.

Is the engineer coming on Saturday morning?


If not, why not?  What happened to my appointment.





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Re: No dial tone

Hi @CNW ,

I can take a look at what is happening with the fault on your line.

I've sent you an private message with details on how you can contact the mod team. Please follow the instruction in the PM and once we have your details, we'll contact you directly.



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Re: No dial tone

Thanks PaddyB I have sent a reply to the message.

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Re: No dial tone

Have you tried an alternative phone on the off chance it's the phone itself that is faulty, as already mentioned , you can have line faults that stop the telephony working , but broadband continues
(albeit usually with some reduction in speed etc) , it's worth checking the phone instrument is working , in case you get a visit, the engineer demonstrates the line working with his 'test' phone and then there is the possibility of a unneccesary visit charge being raised...if you don't have another phone to try , perhaps you could try your phone in a neighbour/friend/relative socket, or borrow one to try in your home, but a ordinary corded landline phone can be had for less than £10 , useful for situations like this, obviously you may have already established your phone is OK.
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Re: No dial tone

I have tried a different phone. Still no dial tone.

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