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No dialtone / incoming POTS calls on BT Infinity + Vigor 2850Vn

Hi All,

This looks a lot like a hardware business but I've thought it was useful to share in case others found themselves in the same situation.

I owned a Vigor 2820Vn in the past and I used regularly the SIP and POTS passthrough features. I then upgraded from ADSL to BT Infinity (VSDL), used BT's own router for a while until I got a Vigor 2850Vn yesterday. I've configured it successfully but for the phone services, and it's driving me mad. 

Trust me for a while if I say that I've connected everything correctly: 
- the Openreach data port is connected to the Vigor data port
- the Openreach phone line port is connected to the Vigor line port
- Draytek's phone splitter is connected to the Vigor 'phone1/2' port
- the phone - a common BT Graphite 2500 - is connected to the 'phone 1' port of the splitter

In the Vigor's phone settings, the region is set to my country: UK. Firmware is 3.6.1_232201 that is believe is the latest. My usual VoIP provider is setup and registered. The phone settings are these .

Coming from the 2820Vn I shouldn't have made huge mistakes. What I experience though is the following:

a) My phone says that there is no line. In case you wondered, it works if I connect it straight to the Openreach box.
b) I can't get incoming calls. When I call my Vigor-managed landline number from my mobile I hear it is ringing, but no sound comes from the actual phone. The 'line' led does not turn on.
c) I can't make calls... but this is probably because the phone believes that there is no line.

If there was a way to do that, I would guess that the POTS passthrough is 'turned off', but I believe there is no way to turn it off!

What is the problem then? Please help!


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