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Re: No fault found so we are going to bill you £99 and lie about your wiring!!

I have the same fault on my line. Why can't i ask them just to reset the line card at the exchange?
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Re: No fault found so we are going to bill you £99 and lie about your wiring!!

I had problems which started a year to the day since I went over to Bt and wary of calling Bt in case I get billed--I can afford the big charge ...but do not trust Bt after they faoled to give me an explanation as  why I was billed 4 megabytes in ONE day in May last year and as a result had to upgrade to Option 2 until I leave..


I had a "big crackling" noise on my corded phone and took the  bottom part of the main point and seemed to work with only the phone connected ,though there is still a small amount of crackling...but livable with rather than risk calling an engineer..


The worst though is the constant "dropping" and saying " no connection" and telling me to call an 0800 update line,then upon finding it with no fault,having to call a "call centre in Asia only for the agent to read from a manual in an accent that's difficult to understand...I 've had a " line test " and that proved OK but will have to wait till my contract is up on Aug 31 when I leave to get an alternative ISP..


The latest "insult" is that when i check my daily broadband usage I'm informed i have no account!!..


"No Broadband in this Account"



This is important as I have to check daily the usage until I can switch to another supplier when the contract is I will not be staying once the contract expires..



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Re: No fault found so we are going to bill you £99 and lie about your wiring!!

Hi apulmax, been having line problems for 14 months with BT. I have had 11 openreach engineers to date and 10 of them have never found an internal problem in my new build property. They fix one fault and create another and this goes on. However, the engineer who came out on Monday 4th March, stripped the whole socket on the wall and said a wire fell out. He was backwards and forwards for approx 2 hours, just waltzing in my house without knocking my door. He shoved everything back in the socket and said we would have no more bother with the line. WRONG - The next day, I tried to make a phonecall, got the dialling tone and could dial out but there was just hissing, then a dis-connected tone. I could not even ring BT on 150 to complain and had to use up my mobile credit (£8 in total) by the time I got to the right person. People could ring me though.

Yesterday, we had a phonecall saying an engineer was on his way to our property. This one was (for once) polite, covered his shoes and found a fault straight away. Guess what??? It was an internal fault (surprise surprise). Now we too are going to be billed £99 for a fault Mondays engineer must have created.

I have had a fault on the line for ages but have always been able to ring out, even if the line was really bad. Now this tells me two things. - Either BT openreach engineers do not know what they are doing (not surprising since they get rid of one problem and replace it with another) or the engineer on Monday did not put the wires back correctly.

The only people to touch any wiring in the building have been openreach and the builders who built the house. How in the hell, can I be charged for something which is not my doing? Seeing as we have been here 18 months and the line fault has always been there and reported on a regular basis, it seems to me I am going to have to foot the bill to cover the amount of times they have been here but cannot resolve the issue.

Today, I am sending an e-mail to rip off britain (on BBC) to see if they can do anything to shame this awful company and I would urge anyone else with these problems to do the same. We, as customers are never going to stop them, if we throw in the towel.

Oh and just to let you know, even if you leave BT and have a problem with your new supplier, it will always be a BT openreach engineer who is sent to your home to fix it. They are part of BT (even thought BT say they are not) that is why you cannot ring openreach to complain to them directly. Check out the openreach website where it says you can contact them in writing. It is a London address and it says British Telecommunications. It is all a farce to rip people off. Hope you read this in time because it will probably be taken off by the moderators.


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Re: No fault found so we are going to bill you £99 and lie about your wiring!!

Before I do anything I am going to contact the Ombudsman services tomorrow. They have the power to demand all the records relating to my account. They will have record of the person I called and verified there was a fault with RTNR (ringing tone no reply) and resetting the line card cured the problem. This is in conflict with the note that says the fault is in my internal wiring (I have NO internal wiring, I should know, it's my **bleep** house) and will prove it in writting and hold my case against them for lying.

Openreach is a seperate entity from BT, just like BT Retail and BT wholesale, all owned by BT but run as seperate businesses.

BT are using sharp pracitcies to claw back engineers costs because some can't do their job properly.

I was told by one engineer that new recruits have 3 weeks traning....Yes 3 weeks training before going out on the field.

My problem first started when my line went dead for a whole day, then came back only to find 3 days later I had someone elses number. The newly trained engineer dis'd off my line (disonnected it) and gave my "E side" (the line from the green cab to the exchange) to his new customer. I was then connected to someone elses number. Since then I have had no end of disconnections, TRNR, broadband dropouts, etc. When I joined BT in the 80's I was a trainee for 2 years before I became a qualified engineer. nowdays 3 weeks? no wonder some are useless idiots who don't know what they are doing.

I also worked as a technical consultant to the CEO or BTopenworld and the Chairman of BT. I know all there was to know about broadband, so BT you can not feed me **bleep** like all your other customers and baffle me with science.

If I was let loose to fix it myself I would be able to have it sorted within 24 hours, you can't say that for some of your so-called engineers!!!


As Sparrow61 has pointed out, Openreach will maintain the phone line and broadband even if you are with another provider like TalkTalk, Sky, Plusnet etc. The only exception will be virgin Only if you are on Cable TV, not if you are on Non-Fibre broadband.


I will get around this my opting for Satellite broadband like (

BT have met their match now and will regret ever crossing me!







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