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Re: No free BT Sport with youview.

Don't forget that BT Sport is only free on Sky for BT Broadband customers. The last thing Sky want is to give Sky Broadband customers a good reason to swap to BT Broadband. What Sky want is to force BT to wholesale BT Sport to them so they can bundle it up in their own packages and link it to Sky Broadband on a cheap deal.

Possibly BT are just keen to boost their reported BT TV subscription numbers and hence don't allow it on existing retail boxes without a subscription? The idea that a free version might encourage more customers to swap to BT Broadband seems to be ignored, but the number of retail boxes is very small so it probably makes little difference. Maybe BT actually don't want people to buy retail Youview boxes, but if so why sell one with the BT badge on the front? The whole Youview concept has become confusing to the average customer.
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Re: No free BT Sport with youview.

@revocomputers wrote:

I would guess it's because of some complicated deal with Sky,  Sky sell BT some of their channels, so they might have the condition that BT customers can view BT Sport on the Sky box for free. 


The whole thing does sound a little silly to me, but I think there is bound to be some complicated conditions between these television companies.   



BT can't offer Sky Sports on their youview because Sky won't let them AFAIK...

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Re: No free BT Sport with youview.

I'm with ginger1312 on this. I believe to get BT Sports on a sky box you have to contact BT directly, not sky. This is because while it is supplied via a sky box it is actually not supplied by sky at all, it is supplied by BT, simply using sky's infrastructure. I believe that BT simply pay sky to appear on their EPG and that is the extent of sky's involvement. So BT are giving access for free with no extra monetary benefit for them other than your broadband cost.

So we are left in a situation where customers who buy freesat from sky (note not freesat from itv/bbc) are paying a competitor but getting the channel for free, while customers who buy a youview box (of which BT are a major shareholder) do not get it for free. On the face of it, that seems barmy.
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