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No infinity? Live 600ft from exchange!



ive been a customer for a while now and have the top tier broadband that comes with BT. So BT make a massive fuss about infinity coming to our area, my friend gets infinity and says it's alot better than the typical broadband.


im thinking this sounds like a good idea, so go onto the online checker to see if I can have infinity to my surprise it says I cannot have this. Now if that wasn't annoying enough I find out that the local exchange is about 400-500ft (if that!) away from my flat that is above a pub. My friends house that is around 5-10 mins walk away from mine can get this but I cannot?


its a utter joke if you ask me, I pay around £130 soon to be £145-£155ish every 3 months and I cannot get what most have been offered? I upload a lot to the web with my Youtube channel and BT's mind numbing upload speed of around 0.98MB is shocking my friend on infinity is getting around 7-8MB upload!


sort it out,



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Re: No infinity? Live 600ft from exchange!

You could be connected to exchange directly, meaning you don't have access to FTTC technology.

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Re: No infinity? Live 600ft from exchange!

Hi Lilhagan,


It sound like your on a EO (exchange Only Line) as your close to the exchange.


Unless your exchange is FTTP/H ready then Unfortunatly EO lines are currently unable to have fibre broadband such as BT Infinity due to your line not connecting to a cabinet which would allow FTTC.


You can register your interest for Fibre Broadband such as BT Infinity by going to Openreach will then let you know when your line will be able to get Fibre broadband such as BT Infinity.

Please bear in mind that in some cases it may not be possible to provide FTTC broadband in areas due to: 
• Your phone line may be connected directly to the telephone exchange and not to a local street cabinet - (Exchange Only Line [EO] )
• Your line may be too far from the local street cabinet to have a stable FTTC broadband service such as BT Infinity service.
• Your local street cabinet may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.
• We haven't yet got the council's planning permission to do the necessary work at your local street cabinet.
• Your home may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.
• Your landlord may not have agreed to the fibre infrastructure being provided in your building (for example if you live in a flat).
There are different stages to the development of the fibre infrastructure in the UK.
If you have an EO Line then currently you will not be able to have FTTC broadband as your line isn't connected to a cabinet. In these instances Openreach plan to connect some areas that have EO lines with either FTTP or other fibre technologies in the future.
This video explains more:
Also check the Openreach "Power of Fibre" website:
You can keep checking the BT Wholesale Database and BT Infinity website for upto date information as these are updated regularly.
The openreach When and Where website is:
The Fibre-Optic Broadband Rollout is being managed and done by Openreach for all communication providers/ISPs.
BT Retail (your communication provider/ISP) has nothing to do with the rollout of fibre broadband. 
Hope that helps.



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