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No infinity for me.......or?

I live in a a quite isolated new development of houses which are too far from the street cabinet for infinity (confirmed by Dean). I do have a good adsl connection with the excellent adsl24 (10mb down and 1.3mb up), not the end of the world!


A few years ago my neighbour had a D.I.S installed through a provider called THUS, to run his business from home, they contracted Openreach to lay the fibre optic cables in our road, I even watched them doing this with much envy. He was paying a crazy amount per month in the region of £1300. Recently his business has gone into liquidation and he has cancelled his lease line which now lays dormant. I called Thus and asked if there was anyway of utilising the fibre for our road and was told that all they could do is transfer over the line which would again cost someone £1300 per month to use it. It seems like such a waste that the fibre cables are laying there not to be used ever again!


Can an expert on here suggest any alternatives or a way for me or other residents to use the equipment that is already there? Someone must want to be paid some money per month for use of this connection?


I'm not sure where these cables go to, anyone with an idea?


Thanks in advance

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Re: No infinity for me.......or?

The cable goes to the exchange.
How far away is the cabinet?
Is it FTTC enabled?
what does the BT Wholesale checker say about your phone number?

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Re: No infinity for me.......or?

The cabinet is just under 2km from my house, the whole area is FTTC enabled exchange done, cabinets done, the checker says no...
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Re: No infinity for me.......or?

Given this grid, I can see why you're sticking with ADSL2+



Distance to cabinet (metres)Estimated connection speedPercentage of premises at this distance
100m100 Mbps5%
200m65 Mbps20%
300m45 Mbps30%
400m42 Mbps45%
500m38 Mbps60%
600m35 Mbps70%
700m32 Mbps75%
800m28 Mbps80%
900m25 Mbps85%
1000m24 Mbps90%
1250m17 Mbps95%
1500m15 Mbps98%

VDSL2 Profile 17a, cabinet to premises speed estimate




I guess you could always get a second line and bond them to double your speed.


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