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No internet light on voyager router

Hi. My broadband has not been working for nearly a month. I had perfect connection with a voyager 210 router since 2006 which I think packed in altogether because  all the lights went out on it eventually but I had trouble with it for 2 weeks before that. I bought another 210 but cant get connected with it at all. The all the lights are on apart from the internet light and LAN is showing as connected too. The helpline are saying its because the router is an old model and have said they are sending a homehub. I have tried everything they said. Will this hub work or is it to do with router configuration? (which i feel, altough im clueless)

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Re: No internet light on voyager router

With the hub all you should need to enter is the BT user name  all else is normally set up ready but if you read the forum the consensus is DO NOT USE the supplied CD to set it up

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Re: No internet light on voyager router

The BT Homehub requires no set up, connect up the power supply and just plug it into your ADSL filter and plug an ethernet cable from the hub into the PC.

If you want help with wireless set up have a look here


Can I suggest that you replace the ADSL filters you have with the ones supplied with the new hub, incase that is what is causing your problem.

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Re: No internet light on voyager router

Thanks for the replies.  Its not the adsl filters because I unplugged the other phones from their sockets to test this and the result was the same. Homefully the homehub will get things working.

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