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No landing page

So, I'm probably as frustrated as a lot of you. I have waited patiently at my temporary address for my local hotspot owner to reset their hub (from early December), it started working a week ago and lasted a few hours zipping along until I got a nippy 500bps download speed 😕 I started using another local hub which lasted 2 days and was then down for 3 weeks. Today I was amazed it loaded a landing page and worked for an even more amazing 2 hours before dying and no longer getting a landing page again.

So after doing all I can do on my Mac, I called the cheap-for-mobile number of 03301233000, and after the usual indian call centre guy kept putting me on mute to check 'account details' after only saying hello to me and then getting palmed off to a UK call centre (which didn't fill me with much more hope).....I'm then advised that 'it's a free service' - implying free = rubbish (and not that it's linked to an account with BT that has all the bells n whistles they offer). I was then told that the Mac address database is likely full on the local hub and only a reset will fix it. I kind of deduced that from my previous work with Telewest. What irked me more was that they reckon they have no ability to remotely reboot devices. Well some 6-7 years ago, I did, working for telewest. Could sit there resetting 1 customers device all day long if I wanted to be an a-hole after they were rude to me thru no fault of my own.....I cannot see how u run a service provider but have no control over that service. And even more so, if u know ur devices don't flush the Mac address database and haven't fixed it since 2010 or earlier (going by some of these similar posts) and that spans several generations of these devices and multiple firmware updates....

What's even more annoying is that altho my Mac has been dropped and doesn't get a landing page, my iPhone hasn't been dropped and is still connected while I'm typing this.

I give up. Doubtful anyone will be able to help. Even the help desk guy's best suggestion was going door to door with a baseball bat til I find the owner and demand he resets daily.

Sorry for the rant hah.
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Re: No landing page

Why would you expect BT to be able to reset somebody's private Homehub remotely without the owners permission.


What if that owner had set up his/her Homehub to issue specific IP addresses to specific devices, the settings would be lost with the reset. What if that owner was doing something on the Internet and was cut off because BT remotely reset their Homehub. What if the owner had set up access controls, the settings would be lost etc etc


If you did do as you said while working at Telewest I would suggest that it was not the customer who was the a-hole.


BTWifi is free to people who are BT broadband customers and they can use any BTWifi hotspots which includes commercially run ones and private ones.


If you pay for BTWifi you are paying for the commercial hotspots set up by BT which are maintained and run by BT and if the are not working you should rightly complain to BT. As a bonus you can also use the free hotspots owned by BT customers and if they are not working then tough luck.