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No landline number and dial tone in the rented property I moved into - what are my options?

I moved into a rented flat a couple of days ago. The previous tenants were definitely set up with internet of some sort in the property based on this speedtest the agent got them to carry out while they were still occupying the place

Now that we've moved into the place however, the agent is being incredibly difficult and has no idea what the landline number for the property is (he simply can't see the relation between internet and the phone line). He also doesn't know who the previous providers were. Moreover, he won't even put us through to the previous tenants to speak to them directly.

In the absence of that info, I tried to find out the number by plugging a cheap corded phone into the phone socket. After searching every inch of the flat we weren't able to spot any master socket which had the Openreach logo on it. The only socket we did find was this split one which I assume is pre-filtered

I tried plugging in the corded phone directly into the right hand blue socket which has the telephone symbol, but did not get any dial tone whatsoever. The phone and cable themselves definitely work as I plugged them into the socket at my previous place as a test and it worked just fine.

Now given that I don't have the landline info from the previous tenants and there currently seems to be no dial tone, what does this mean? Has the line already been disconnected so soon after they moved out? Is there no dial tone because payments have ceased after the previous tenants left?

In terms of my options - do I have to set up an entirely new line from scratch or is there a way to still try and get the existing one working? Not keen on spending a considerable amount of time and money in a new line if at all possible!

Would be really grateful for any help/advice!
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Re: No landline number and dial tone in the rented property I moved into - what are my options?

You simply place an order with whichever Service Provider you use, and they will contact Openreach who will connect you, whatever the situation. The existing line would have been disconnected in the local network.

You will pay a  connection charge whether there is a working line or not, so it makes no difference.


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