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No longer receiving emails from gmail accounts

I seem to have stopped receiving any emails from gmail accounts about 2 weeks ago. I've checked my rules and blocked senders and there is nothing in there that should mean I've suddenly stopped receiving them and nothing is going into my spam folder. Any idea how I can resolve this? BT don't seem to make it very easy to contact them. 

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Re: No longer receiving emails from gmail accounts

Hi @RuthieBoButhie welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see you're having problems getting emails from Gmail addresses. I haven't seen any other reports similar to this recently, I'd recommend adding the Gmail addresses to your safe sender's list to see if that helps.

To make sure that emails you wish to receive are never put into your Spam, you can add them as a “Safe Sender”.

  1. From the Settings tab, select the Safe senders" folder and click on the Add button
  2. Add the email address you want to mark as safe and click Save
  3. After a confirmation message the email address will be added to your list of safe senders
  4. To remove a safe sender you just need to click on the Delete button

Post back and let me know if that works.


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Re: No longer receiving emails from gmail accounts

Hi Moderator, I had a similar problem not receiving group members who are using .gmail addresses. I have now added those individuals to my ‘safe senders’ list. Why though, are they being blocked in the first place? There is nothing in my settings to indicate that .gmail or any other domain is blocked! Thanks in advance.

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