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No loyalty rewards?

I have been with Bt for nearly 12 years, I didn't even noticed my contract has ended couple months ago so now I'm paying full price. I had a look at the deals BT had for me and instead of paying £53 they gave me a deal for £51 for Infinity 2 , no card rwards like new customers.

If that's the best Bt has to offer to loyal customers prehaps it's time to move on to another provider who will value a customer.

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Re: No loyalty rewards?

You will not get the same deal as new customers. You are already a customer, no such thing as a loyal customer, and unless you move to another provider, which most people don't, BT have nothing to loose by not offering you anything. 


Do your homework and find out what other providers will offer you as a new customer and then phone BT Options on 0800.800.030 and try and haggle a better deal.


Be prepared to move provider if you don't get a good deal and keep in mind if you don't move you are just falling into line that BT and all the ISPs know the majority of people will do. 

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