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No phone line for 3 weeks and young children in house with no emergency calls!

Ok 3 weeks ago my phone line stopped working, I have broadband but after unplugging everything and plugging a variety of phones in to the test socket I have no dial tone, calling my home number from a mobile results in an engaged tone with the phone unplugged or plugged in. The phone lines were down due to a tree coming down on top of  the line but ours never came back on. My mobile has been off for weeks as well due to the mast being faulty too so living 20 miles away from the nearest town has been a nightmare.


I tried to report the fault at the start of december, but as I didn't have any contact number they refused to action the fault,


I reported the fault and gave the mobile number that also wasn't working at home and got an appointment booked but they didn't turn up.


I tried to report it again and the appointment they offered was more than a week away which I deemed unnacceptable, my mobile signal dissapeared again and I couldn't phone back so I contacted by email.


Got a snotty email back saying that I needed to run through more tests because they felt the fault was within the property, I sent one back telling them that this had been done and that my children were left with no contact with the outside world or emergency services,


I called again to say that my disabled relative is coming on the 23rd to stay over Christmas and that I needed the phone line ASAP. She's a brittle Asmathic and immuno suppressed, the nearest hospital is 40 minutes away, so in an emergency you need an air ambulance as it would need to drive 40 minutes here and 40 minutes back which is obviously nonsense . I was guaranteed and engineer within 48 hours, given that we live on the same road as the engineer I asked him, and guess what? no appointment booked. The thing was BT kept calling me all day to tell me the engineer was on his way!! A supervisor is now telling me that I need to wait until the 28th


The manager has just called me back and said that they will be here on the 28th, and that a system fault prevented them coming the last time, yeh right. The last time I had a fault I was told point blank that the engineer only comes to my street on emergency calls, it's too far away for them to be bothered. She got a bit shirty after that and said that welfare cases were ONLY for very elderly people, so disabled people don't count, which is clearly against the law as stated on the citizins advice guide. Then she just said Fine I'll put a note on the account and hung up. so I still won't have my phone repaired any time soon, and I won't be holding my breath about the 28th as that clearly is not going to happen.


Get a grip BT, the only reason I'm with you is that Sky can't provide a service here, but if I can find a mobile broadband provider that serves my area I'm off, no one can give you a straight answer and often rude. I can't believe that there is no way to have an emergency repair completed and don't give me the tripe about it being Christmas, as I've been reporting the fault repeatedly for weeks.


It's very lucky that my landlord is the local MP as I will be contacting him about your complete refusal to fix a fault in such a long time.

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Community Manager
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Re: No phone line for 3 weeks and young children in house with no emergency calls!


Welcome to the forum.

Can you send in your details, so we can look into this?

If you click on my username you'll find our "Contact us" link (top-left of my profile page).

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