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No satellite signal and broken picture on bt sport sd

Just thought this might be useful to anyone who's having difficulty getting BT sport on the Sky box.
I've been trying to set up my bt sport viewing, but keep getting a 'no satellite signal is being received' message which alternates with a pixellating picture. This doesn't affect any of my other programmes. I've spent a good while on the Sky forum site trying to find a cause, and discovered that it affects people up and down the country.
In the end a Sky forum community manager explained that BT sport sits at the very edge of a particular frequency range - and this means that even if the dish is a few millimetres out of alignment it can impact BT sport.
The Sky forum members response seemed to confirm that this is the remedy.
Disappointing for me as my satellite moves very easily in high wind and there is no other suitable position for it.
Anyway, as I said, just thought it might be useful info for others.
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