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Noise Margin Stuck at 10dB; reduced line rate - Infinity 1



I am on BT Infinity 1 with a Home Hub 5A at present. My Max data rate is showing as 14835/51419 and my noise margin is running at 9.9/8.8dB. Actual data rate is 9999/43948. This is 85% of the maximum. I read somewhere on this forum that the IP profile should be 96% of Max data rate.


I think the lower rate may be being caused by the Hub 5 dropping the WAN connection every 7 to 10 days and re-synchronising. 

Would one re-synchronisation every week really cause this much of an issue to the line profile? Will this ever recover to nearer what it should be, or should I call BT support to see if they can change the line profile manually?


I have a Home Hub 5B here which I might try. But I am waiting for the Hub 5A to drop the WAN connection before I change it over. So far it's gone 9 days with no problems, which is longer than normal. Normally it struggles past 5 to 7 days.


Any advice on this would be appreciated. I assume a better VDSL modem would help?!



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Re: Noise Margin Stuck at 10dB; reduced line rate - Infinity 1

One drop a week wouldn't cause DLM intervention.
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