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Noise and Crackling on line when raining

During wet weather a lot of crackle can be heard on my line and which reduces when it's dry.  I have tested a corded phone in the test socket and performed a quiet line test during which lots of crackling could be heard, although this reduced when the rain stopped.
When performing the quiet line test everything else was unplugged.


Can I report a fault online or do I need to phone through.  I have tried the online fault checker which comes back with "We cannot detect a problem with this line" and not obvious way to log the fault.  There is a link to request an  "Engineer Home Improvement Service" visit but this doesn't sound the same as logging an external fault. 

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Re: Noise and Crackling on line when raining

It might be better to report it by calling 0800 800 151. You may be warned about a possible charge, but as you have proved it external to your house, then the charge will not apply.


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Re: Noise and Crackling on line when raining

Actually I am having exactly the same problem and having reported the fault have had to agree with a home visit....having booked it I was sent the small print which clearly tells you when the £99 charge will apply....Warning it will apply if the problem is outside of your home and within the boundaries of your could book the appointment but also have the option to cancel by 2pm the day before the you could determine the facts in good time....

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Re: Noise and Crackling on line when raining


dguppy - have a look at Bargetons post on the link above and follow the tips for looking for a fault. Yours is a typical water short circuit, and many can be found and traced to water ingress of one sort or another. Check junction boxes and cables for damage as listed in Bargeton's post, you may save yourself a whole load of grief.

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