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Noise margin reset required please - Next step?



Following last advice from RogerB in the previous thread here

I have reset my router - and plugged my adsl cable into the NTE5 test socket and left it there. I have - finally had a stable line for over three days with (cross fingers) no disconnections so far.


I hope it's not too late (before Xmas) for someone to please be able to adjust the noise margin in the hope of increasing my download data rate/speed. It would be nice to have something resembling even 4-5Mbs download speed after all this waiting.


Current router/line stats are:-


TyeInterleave Path   
   Data rate(Kbps)
   Noise Margin
   Output power(dBm)


And security log for last three days as follows:-


12/21/2012  16:35:23 login success
12/21/2012  16:33:42 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  15:15:58 logout
12/21/2012  15:15:36 login success
12/21/2012  15:15:07 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  15:11:04 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  13:02:38 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/21/2012  10:14:38 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  09:49:20 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  09:19:53 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  09:00:44 logout
12/21/2012  09:00:06 login success
12/21/2012  08:51:52 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  08:50:24 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  08:20:56 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  07:51:29 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  07:22:01 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  07:02:15 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/21/2012  06:52:09 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  06:22:41 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  05:53:13 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  05:23:46 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  04:53:42 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  04:24:14 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  03:57:01 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  03:26:57 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  03:01:49 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  02:41:16 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  02:22:52 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  01:29:18 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  01:10:56 sending ACK to
12/21/2012  01:01:52 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/21/2012  00:55:50 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  23:41:35 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  23:25:49 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  23:25:48 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  23:25:46 sending OFFER to
12/20/2012  23:25:45 sending OFFER to
12/20/2012  23:25:41 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  23:25:38 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  19:01:28 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/20/2012  16:41:16 logout
12/20/2012  16:38:11 login success
12/20/2012  16:37:43 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  16:30:29 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  16:30:25 sending OFFER to
12/20/2012  13:01:05 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/20/2012  12:43:21 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  10:00:15 logout
12/20/2012  09:59:37 login success
12/20/2012  09:59:04 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  09:59:02 sending ACK to
12/20/2012  07:00:41 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/20/2012  01:00:18 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/19/2012  22:19:50 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  21:50:26 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  21:20:24 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  20:47:28 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  20:34:01 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  20:07:13 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  19:37:46 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  19:13:33 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  18:59:55 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/19/2012  18:18:52 logout
12/19/2012  18:18:13 login success
12/19/2012  18:16:37 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  16:24:15 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  16:09:45 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  15:39:43 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  14:17:43 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  14:17:42 sending OFFER to
12/19/2012  12:59:31 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/19/2012  10:40:48 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  09:20:13 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  09:03:34 sending ACK to
12/19/2012  06:59:08 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/19/2012  00:58:44 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/18/2012  19:57:49 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  19:28:31 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  18:59:13 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  18:58:21 NTP Date/Time updated.
12/18/2012  18:29:32 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  18:00:09 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  17:30:20 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  17:00:12 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  16:37:29 logout
12/18/2012  16:36:41 login success
12/18/2012  16:36:14 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  16:36:12 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  16:31:08 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  16:31:07 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  16:31:06 sending OFFER to
12/18/2012  16:06:31 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  15:44:59 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  15:44:13 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  15:24:53 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  15:23:38 sending ACK to
12/18/2012  12:57:58 NTP Date/Time updated.



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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

you need to be able to show the connection time from the routers stats as connections can drop at any time 

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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

Hi John46,


Remember my home hub 2.0 doesn't work and I explained before that the Belkin router's security log is the only way I can see to show the connection time. I have just gone through the entire router menu set-up menu again to see if there is such a function (like on a BT home hub) and can't see one - unless you or someone else can suggest how I do this with a Belknin router?


Surely other people have had the same issue when trying to demonstrate connection times with non-BT routers?









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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

Which model of Belkin do you use
As most routers show connection time it is unusual not to be able to see a connection time
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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

have you tried routerstats as there are some Belkin models listed  I use it with my netgear

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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

Thanks. It's aBelkin N Wireless router model number F5D8636-4 v1


I take it routerstats is something like this


If so I'm hoping it would work with Mac OS X. I do have windows 7 under dual boot but it would be a pain to skip between operating systems.


I suppose I then have to download routerstats or something similar and wait (yet another) 3 days whilst it tracks the data my router supplies, on the promise that someone will finally adjust my noise margins or whatever (after reading this thread) and hopefully resolve my paltry download speed - which I have seen done for others on this forum. Presumably that's not going to be happening soon in any case as Christmas is now upon us.


I can't say I'm over the moon either about having found out that there's yet another obstacle to my getting this resolved - just when I thought (and was given the impression) that my security log of three days stable connection might be sufficient to get something done. I'm seriously considering upgrading to BT infinity anyway in the hope I get BT's due attention that way (the India centre was rubbish) and that this more quickly resolves the issue with the currently cr*p download speed which I'm still paying for - and which I shall be seeking some compensation for.


I hope you'll forgive my rant but I didn't expect resolving my download speed to be so convoluted.









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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

once you can show the 3 days +stable connection then if your noise margin has not started to drop on its own then we can get you in touch with the Forum Mods who are UK based BT specialists to get a reset carried out for you but they have to see that stable connection first 

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Re: Noise margin reset required please - Next step?

Ok. I shall attempt to download a routerstats or equivalent software and try it out - but if I'm still in the same position in early January, I'm going for the upgrade.


I now see that - although the Belkin router worked reliably until recently - I'll need something that shows all router stats in future - be that a BT home hub (the last two BT hubs both conked out on me) or another make, so that I don't have to go through all this again.

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