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Noise on landline phone socket

Please can someone help me?  My mothers upstairs phone is broken. It was part of a set of two handsets which were linked (wirelessly?)

I thought it would be sensible to just replace the upstairs one with a corded handset plugged into the phone socket upstairs but it is very hissing and noisy (sounds like a fax line but it becomes clear every now and then) .

Reading about this it seems to be linked to the Wi-fi (which Ive proved by solving the problem when router is switched off) I’ve read about a filter you can buy to solve this..... can you advise on what I need to get?

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Re: Noise on landline phone socket

You need to get an ADSL Broadband Microfilter. 

See link

You may be able to get one locally or you can buy them online, It does not need to be a BT one.

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Re: Noise on landline phone socket

Thank you so much.  The link says I need one on every socket.... the hub is on one bedroom and the phone line downstairs works well, it is just the pther bedroom, so shall I just put a filter on the bedroom socket?

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Re: Noise on landline phone socket

do you have a filter on the hub socket and the current wireless phone socket or do you have a filter socket where the hub is connected  filtered socket will have 2 conenctions 1 for hub and 1 for phone

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Re: Noise on landline phone socket

Im really not sure as I dont live near her.  The downstairs pohone socket and master socket wherre the router is are difficult to access.  Guess Ill spend a few pounds on one and see.  Many Thanks.  I will let you know how I get on (but I am not visiting again for a week or so)

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