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Re: Noisy Line - Fixed, but still noise

@ SeanD


Bad news I'm afraid  Cry
The Engineer was at our property on Monday 27th October and spent the best part of 3 hours trying to trace the fault. He did find a fault on the line from the house back to the cabinet but not the other way. He then tried to switch lines and must have been up and down the nearest drop pole 5 times, he even tried the next pole down the road. Unfortunately there are no spare lines and he was going to report it to the underground team as the problem is between the cabinet and where it rises up to the pole. At least this Engineer spent good time on the fault and did not just report it as a 'ghost fault' like the last one, he is even thinking of reporting the last job as unsatisfactory.


How long does it take for an 'Underground' team to effect the required works.

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