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Noisy Line

All of a sudden my line developed a "Crackling" noise. Conversation is difficult to say the least. The first BT open reach engineer connected a metre - did a silent line test - and sure enough - he confirmed a noisy line. After disappearing back to the exchange for a while - he returned to say he had fitted a new part and it should settle down, 1 hour later the noise is back again. Two days later the second Engineer visited - fitted a new front to the box when the line enters the house - did a line test after telling me to unplug my modem which is in an upstairs office. Noise stopped. "I was told that I needed a new modem. 

Next day a new modem arrived and was fitted. Back comes the "Noise" 

Two days later - a Technical expert from the Broadband team arrived and confirmed that the modem was fine and that the noise was coming from the BT line !!!!!

Now there are two separate telephones in our house. My wife has her own telephone with her own number - but these two lines enter our house via the same cable - and hers is as silent as a graveyard at midnight !!!!! 

The "Broadband Engineer went away saying that he will report the matter back to the "Engineers" and so the sad saga continues. 

Nasser - can put a space craft on the Moon - Surgeons can install a new heart - technology is marching on at a terrific pace - BUT - sad to say BT seem unable to provide me with a telephone line without a "Crackle" 

Comments please ......

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Re: Noisy Line

Hi Tarps,


Sounds like a bit of a saga!


You mentioned that one of the engineers asked you to unplug the modem, which stopped the noise and when your replacement arrived and was plugged in the noise returned, have you tried disconnecting the modem again?


It sounds like it might be a micro filter or (a slim possibilty) that you have been sent another faulty modem. Try unplugging all the equipment on the line (phones, micro filters, double adaptors etc) and try a 'known working phone' into the line (if you have a test linebox instead of a master socket this can be done into the test port). If the line is clear with the one phone, try plugging the equipment back in one a time until the noise retruns, then its the last peice of equipment you plugged in which is causing the noise.


If, however, you find the noise is still there with only the 'known working phone' plugged in then the line is faulty and your SP should be able to resolve.


Try and follow the 'quick links' or have a look at the videofor equipment checks.


If the Broadband  technician identidfied a line fault he/she should have started the process of fixing the fault for you. It sounds like you might be having a problem with the 'tie pairs' (basically the micro filter at the BT end of the line). If they are faulty the Broadband engineer should have arranged for then to be replaced. The process requires an email to be sernt to your ISP (even if it is the same company) and a 48 hour delay waiting for a response from the ISP before it can be resolved. If you contact your ISP again they should have details of what the Broadband technician found and what stage they are at in repairing your problem.


Hope that helps narrow down the problem.

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Re: Noisy Line

BFG is right with his suggestion of the Tie pairs but this is difficult to prove as you fall into this hole between 151 and your BB THD. 


151 will test the line and it will come back as okay and BB will acknowledge the fault.


To avoid the risk of incurring engineering charges stress on the 151 advisor that you want the fault report to be passed to the frames first.  Someone physically checking the equipment could identify the fault. 


The emailing of the BB provider won't start until a fault is proved with that item of equipment.  It's a case of proving the fault with the equipment, which is owned by your BB provider, them being notified and given the opportunity to repair or replace it (the 48 hours) and the problem resolved.  Obviously if there is no reply to this email within the time the telephony line would be repaired.  This could knock of your BB service as the tie pairs would be bypassed.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Noisy Line

Number of BT Engineers who have visited my house in a vain attempt to fix the "Crackle" now stands at 6

This fault is now passed to "Diagnostics" 

I'm not impressed with BT to say the very least.

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Re: Noisy Line

  Trying to find out the "Status" of my repair by calling the Broadband help desk was a complete waste of time.

Once again after a 10 minute wait and repeating the first line of my address - then my telephone number for the Eight time -  I found my self going over the story of the fault for the seventh or Eight time - to someone in India who was obviously reading from a Menu. "Have you tried a new filter" ?   I was asked. It was at this point that I gave up and hung up. 

I have had enough and BT have won. 

BT seem to work on the theory that if they frustrate you enough with staff asking you stupid questions from a menu - and then repeating the same stupid questions every time you call - that you will simply get fed up and go away. 

I cant afford to spend any more time and effort on this. 

I just cant wait to find another Service provider - I hope is Cable - so I can tell BT to simple CLEAR OFF !!!!


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Re: Noisy Line

I know the feeling; my line was perfect until some pratt was speeding down my road and hit the telephone post, ripping the line from the house. The post and line were eventualy replaced and the cracking started. My router drops out about 10 times a day so do I get them out for an intermittent fault and risk paying over £100 when they don't find it?

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Re: Noisy Line


You are responding to a post from 2010 !

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