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Noisy line and very slow broadband - what to do?

Hello, first time on these forums and hoping that someone can help...


We have a BT line rental and phone and have broadband from Sky, and are experiencing a slow connection (consistently less than 1.5MB/S - although usually ~0.5MB/S - and we have been advised by Sky that we should be getting ~10MB/S for our line).  Sky say the problem seems to be related to a 'noisy line' and that it is not their problem and have referred us to BT.


The 'noisy line' diagnosis sounds plausible, as when the broadband filer is connected and the router switched on, there is a terrible hiss/skweek on the normal phone line. In fact it is often unusable when the router is switched on as you can barely hear the other party.  When just the phone is connected, the telephone is usable although there is a slight hiss and crackle occasionally.  We have now tried 2 routers and 4 filters from the internet company, all make no difference to the problem.


The phone and broadband are plugged directly into the only socket in the house.


I have rung BT this afternoon and they have confirmed they can hear the noisy line when the internet is plugged in, and less so when just the phone is connected.  They have offered to send an engineer but we must agree that £129.99 will be charged if if fault is on our side (not sure what this means in practice?)  We're terrified of being charged as that is a lot of money.


In light of this...

  • How would we know if the problem is on our side?  The internal cablingis old so it could be that...
  • Where is the boundary between BT and 'our side'?
  • Is it worth the risk to call our an engineer to see if that makes a difference?

I've taken two photos of the cabling set-up in case this helps...


Photo 1: Where the BT cable enters the house.  There seems to be some sort of junction box - is this the 'boundary'?




Photo 2: The only telephone socket in the house (this is on the opposite side to the same room as the junction box in photo 1)




Many thanks in advance for all your help...


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Re: Noisy line and very slow broadband - what to do?

If your line is noisy then you need to report a phone fault to 151  if it is worse with your sky router connected then i would try a new folter and see if that helps


it is standard for bt to advise you of the charge begore an engineer visit is arranged. As that is your only socket you have no internal wiring to bother about but the loose cable may be a problem and would not be how openreach left when installed.  If that is causing the problem or if there is any dampness in the sockets dausing the problem then you will get charged


as you have broadband from sky then you need to contact sky for assistance as this forim is for bt residential broadband customers

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