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Nokia E71 secure browsing

I don't suppose there is the remotest possibility that someone on here knows how to set up secure browsing on the Nokia E71?  I have had the phone forever (well since my 6310i gave up the ghost anyway) but hated it from the off (everytime the phone rang I ended up disconnecting the call!!).  For which reason I never used it for browsing until a couple of weeks ago when I was reading an article about wifi hotspots and thought that I'd try to connect to a neighbour's BTWifi signal.  I got connected but didn't manage to load anything.  So then I created a connection for the HH through which I can browse fine on http but cannot get it to log onto anything using https.  I must be missing something in the setup but, for the life of me, cannot figure out what.  Anyone managed to do it successfully?

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