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Non BT gfast modemrouter

Hi I have gfast bb and have purchased an Zyxel xmgg3927 router and for the life of me I can’t get it to connect to the internet. I have assumed the settings /user name would be the same as when I had FTTC but the router just doesn’t like the settings it also gets hung up on having a password after the user name.

It would be great if any one can confirm the settings or indeed if there is a better third party gfast router that is easier to set up as this one regularly tells me what I’m doing isn’t allowed or tells me it can’t complete the action ..

Many thanks Rich

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Do you have a separate G.FAST modem?

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Hi there no my understanding was that the ZYXEL was also a modem as well as a router similar to the smart hub. Rich

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

That would be my understanding.

Are you sure you are entering the correct PPPoE details of and password BT? Also set VLAN id to 101

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Yes to the user name and password I need to check the vlan but I’ll now need to wait until the kids go to bed as I’ve plugged in the smart hub again to keep them happy. 

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Draytek vigor 166.


I have used the 130 and Draytek put a lot of work into it to ensure it would work with BT, and I believe they have done the same with the 166 with specific BT firmware.

Might be worth a read up as my vigor 130 has worked flawlessly.

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Thanks I ‘ll have another look I’ve used Draytek before and as you say they are very good.  I must admit I thought it was just a modem which was why I had discounted it. Rich

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Ah, yes.

It probably can do DHCP like the 130 can, but I think its probably better in bridge mode with a separate router.

which means you can have another shiny toy 🙂


From Draytek


"The Vigor 166 can be used either as a modem, bridging G.Fast or VDSl2 to its
Ethernet ports, or as a router, connecting directly to the Internet and providing
connectivity to any connected devices.
The Vigor 166 is pre-configured to work with most UK ISPs, with ideal settings for
connecting to the Openreach G.Fast / VDSL2 network, adding VLAN tag 101 to
any traffic passing through it."

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

It is not actually necessary to have a password as it is not required. Some third party router/modems require one though. Try it without a password.

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Re: Non BT gfast modemrouter

Thanks to Amazon I’ve ordered one . It will be here on Sunday so I’ll hopefully update after that..

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