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Non delivery of promised items

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I hope this is the correct place in the forum to come with my problem.


During January of this year I ordered/subscribed to a BT package for Broadband, TV and Calls which would give me:

- Calling Plan....: Unlimited Weekend Plan

- Broadband......: BT Total Broadband Option 2

- TV.................: BT Vision

- Internet calls...: BB Talk Evenings and Weekend Call Plan

- Add-on service: Friends and Family International.


At that time I was promised:

- A free printer

- A free digital photo frame

- ESPN Viewing card

which woulld be sent to me within 45 days of all services being activated.


However nothing ever arrived.


- On 01.04.11 I sent an email to the BT on-line support centre. They replied on 04.04.11 that they were unable to check the details and they requested that I sent an email to regarding the printer and digital photo frame.

- On 09.05.11 I sent an email to but the reply I received was: "Thank you for your email. We will endeavour to

come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks. team"

- On 12.05.11 I sent them a reminder but did not receive any response.

- On 15.05.11 I sent them once again my complete message as sent already on 09.05.11 but there was not any response.

- On 17.05.11 I completed and sent a Complaint Form on the BT website. I received an automated message "Your complaint details have been sent" and " acknowledgement email will be sent to you shortly. Your reference number is......"

However I never received an acknowledgement email or any other response.

- On 20.05.11 I sent another complaint via the BT website and received a similar response with another reference number. However once again there has been no response at all.


Can somebody please clarify why there is no response at all from BT to what I consider perfectly polite and reasonable questions.




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Re: Non delivery of promised items

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there were numerous posts on this subject a few months ago  try search of all the forum but this will help

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Re: Non delivery of promised items

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Thank you for your quick response. The link you sent is not quite relevant but I had a look around and found exactly what I needed here:


Regrettably no good news for me but al least I now know the position.



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