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None existent broadband.


·       My new “infinity” broadband has not yet operated correctly even though it was installed on 31st March 2011.

·       I first reported my landline and broadband as faulty on the 7th April when the telephone line stopped working. It took five days for them to purport to fix the line and instead of calling me to check it was fixed they closed the ticket.

·       The line was not fixed. The broadband that had been dropping every five minutes during that time, suddenly stopped working completely on Friday 12th April.

·       I called to report the fault on Saturday 13th and it took until Wednesday 20th evening before an engineer finally called at my home. That's over ten days after first reporting the fault and numerous calls to BT to try and find out what on earth they were doing to fix my line.

·       Saturday 23rd April, I had a broadband connection, albeit a poor one.

·       During first week of May, I reported noise on the line and a poor broadband connection and complained that I had yet to experience “Infinity” speeds of 35mb.

·       12th May an engineer was to come to the house – no one came.

·       15th May was assured that the line was being worked on and that they would call me on the 16th to check if there was an improvement. No call back received.

·       Many, many calls to 151 made during this period.

·       18th May modem to be replaced and line test. Orange light appeared on modem within 15 mins of line test.

·       20th May no broadband now for two days and no engineer booked.

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Re: None existent broadband.

Can someone tell me why no one responded to this thread? Why did i need to jump on someone else's to get a reply?

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Re: None existent broadband.

Hi you have just had a reply from the forum mods on another ost of yours to which you have responded just give them time to deal with the problem they will get it corrected
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Re: None existent broadband.

Go away!!!!!

That is not an answer to my question.

What's with you? are you in an Indian call centre or something????

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Re: None existent broadband.

no I am a BT customer like you just trying to offer you some help like all other posters here we have all had problems at some time but have solved them either with each others help or if nessasary the intervention of the forum mods there is no need to be so unpleasant to those trying to offer you help still never mind this is the last resoponse you will get from me I havenever come across such an unpleasant person in many years of helping others on manydifferenthelp forums