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Normal story - day off work to receive a non-existent delivery from BT

Ordered a new iphone 7 128gb on Monday.

BT said they could deliver next day so I selected Tuesday delivery and took a day off work to wait for the phone.

Was a little concerned on Tuesday morning that the order on the website showed "Awaiting dispatch" for the order status.


Tried to contact BT via live chat...gave up after 20 mins waiting.


Called BT and was told not to panic as DPD deliver up to 6pm. I tried to explain the status said AWAITING DISPATCH not DISPATCHED AWAITING DELIVERY.

They did not want to know - whole day wasted.


Called them Wednesday morning to be told there is a delay in getting the phones from Apple - no ETA.


Checked bank account and they have taken the £150 upfront cost from my account but cannot give me ANY idea when the phone will be delivered.


No doubt the next battle will be trying to get them to deliver it to work as I am not taking another day off to sit around hoping they deliver.


What a great start to my relationship with BT



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Re: Normal story - day off work to receive a non-existent delivery from BT

Hi @MikeBN Sorry your phone did not arrive as expected.


I hope you have now received it or an update of when you will receive it. If not contact the Mobile Chat Team and they will be able to update you.




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Re: Normal story - day off work to receive a non-existent delivery from BT

Thanks for the reply but no.

I have spoken on the phone and to the chat one can give me any idea when the phones will be back in stock.


The ordering system is an utter shambles.


I write stock control software for a living and its very simple.


Once the customer has registered but before they pay for the phone you allocate the phone from stock on a timer - let say 10 mins.

After the customer pays for the phone you offer them a delivery slot.

If the customer does not compleate the transaction in the 10 minute slot you return the phone to stock.


What you do not do is sell the customer a phone advertising it as available for next day delivery

Ask the customer to pick a delivery day and then not deliver the phone, or contact the customer in any way to let them know why it was not delivered or when it may be delivered.


Who would guess a communications company like BT would be so bad at communications.......






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