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Not Eligible for Reward Card

I went to claim my reward card today after signing up for TV and broadband in the Black Friday deals. I went to my rewards and there was nothing there.

I emailed support and they told me I did not qualify as I placed the order over the phone. At no point did the operator tell me this would be the case and if he had I would have placed the order myself online.

A very frustrating start to my contract and I am tempted to cancel on the basis of this experience and I can see from the forum I am not the only one who has been in this position.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

It does show that reward cards are for online orders only :



If you placed the order by phone then you don't qualify, the advisor wouldn't know what deal was available online, they're briefed on the current phone offers which do vary, unless you specifically said do I get a reward card when you ordered then you've not been mis-sold, you made a presumption you would get the reward card.

You can cancel but you will have to pay early termination charges as BT TV content is available instantly and has no cooling off period, you'll also struggle to get a new connection up and running before Christmas so you could go without internet over the festive period.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

Thanks for the reply Richie

I did discuss the reward with the advisor as I was worried that the openreach side wouldn't be completed in time for me to place the order to get the card, thankfully it was but now i find this out.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

If when you placed the order you said "I want the reward card" then you can ask for the call to be listened to, you should of been told at the point of sale your order doesn't qualify for the online exclusive reward.

Contact BT on 0800 800 150 and you can raise a complaint, BT will then listen to the call and see if you were mis-sold.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

I will certainly be complaining richie, although there does seem to be some good nature from moderators in previous threads where they have managed to get the cards for people who have been in the same position as myself.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

The forum mods step in to help customers who were entitled to the reward but were unable to claim it, you're raising a mis-sell complaint which will require the call listened to, It'll be much quicker to ring up and raise a sales complaint, when you raise the complaint it will also help to mention at what point during the call was the reward card mentioned, so the complaint handler can skip to that part and make a decision as to whether you were promised the rewards card.

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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

Still waiting for the complaints team to call back 😞
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Re: Not Eligible for Reward Card

Once a complaint is raised it will be added to a queue and dealt with on a first raised, first resolved basis.

The complaints handler will also need to access the original call recording to verify your claim, once the call is listened to then you'll be contacted, although they might also need to speak with the rewards team to help, which could mean your complaints handler is waiting for a reply from the rewards team.

BT have 56 days from being raised before you can seek alternative dispute resolution, sit tight and they will contact you, the complaint can't be closed without your permission.

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