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Not Impressed Still.....

Well since having our BT youview box from November last year, we are still not impressed with the service that

is provided.

Firstly, when we ordered we were told that within a matter of weeks that Fox etc would be available on the box (this is the reason we left sky).

Since then, our box is slow, movie's never buffer correctly and freeze after about 15 minutes of viewing. Box is constantly cutting Iplayer programmes in half, and the date of the new linear channels release has been pushed back countless times.


Now, we are on BT infinity, wired straight to the box, the lastest software updates are done, and this has solved absolutely none of it.


We really do not know what to do, because in all honesty we really want to go back to SKY!


What would you all suggest? As we are completely fed up of the useless vision service that we are paying for, and the false promises from BT.


I look forward to your replies 🙂

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Re: Not Impressed Still.....

I left Sky to come to BT also ... however,how I understand it - it is Youview who need to release a formware update for BT to add their linear channel line up to the guide (allowing you to record etc).

With BT Sport on the horizon (release in August) I expect those channels to be made available by then.

Im am however very happy with the Youview platform and the BT On Demand service is top notch. Just need to be a little patient ... our time will come !

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Re: Not Impressed Still.....

Frankly, your time should have come when you opened the box, and started paying for BTVision service. It should work out of the box as promised, anything less is a disgrace.
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