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Not Receiving (Important!) E-mails

I'm aware of 3 e-mails in a week I didn't receive at the end of January. One of them was the start date for a job! I've previously and since received e-mails from the same senders without a problem. I access directly from webmail.


I was told someone from customer support would get back to me a month ago but I haven't heard anything. Getting in contact with support was a pain in the first place and the suggestions were useless (e.g. go to contacts and check they're not blocked, check your spam again, check your junk again - and even to try accessing your webmail from a different browser).


I can understand the occasional e-mail going missing, but the amount I have (that I know of) is ridiculous. For all I know, there are far more I'm unaware of that have disappeared.


One company (this was last year) told me BTInternet block all of their e-mails, which is a shame as they're a genuine company. Why is the option of seeing these e-mails in my spam taken away from me, when so much obvious spam (at least to my eyes) gets through?


My webmail has also started timing out every 1/2 hour or so in the past week, so I have to keep logging back in.

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Re: Not Receiving (Important!) E-mails

Hi, welcome to the forums.


The timeout "issue" has been happening for a while now, and is apparently a security issue. However it does seem to affect people differently, with some users reporting no timeout. There could be a variety of reasons, maybe tied in with various end user add-ons etc.


There have been many reports over the years where BTinternet has bounced emails destined for end users - due to apparent spam issues. BT want companies to jump through hoops to stop it happening. Though there have been no reports recently, it did happen a few times.


A BT mail expert said that they have recently updated their systems, including antispam, inferring people would see less spam - but it might appear to have backfired in that there is more blocking of proper emails. As an aside to these updates, less is apparently sent to the Spam/Bulk folder, so it's not obvious any spam is arriving - or indeed possible false positives. "Obvious" spam is hard to pick up by machines.



Unfortunately you will not get anyone to listen, in particular the mail expert as they seem to deny any issues.


The best thing to do is start using as different mail service, e.g. Gmail, and begin to change over telling contacts etc.



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Re: Not Receiving (Important!) E-mails

Andy_N wrote: Unfortunately you will not get anyone to listen, in particular the mail expert as they seem to deny any issues.

Exactly this.  Very sad.  My BTInternet address go back to dial-up days (1999?) but I'm gently migrating away.  Maybe they want everyone to do that!



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Re: Not Receiving (Important!) E-mails

My BT e-mail goes back to dial-up days too, and I've also started migrating away (I'm also considering leaving BT after other issues over the past year). I'd prefer not to but it seems they're forcing me into it. The Yahoo Mail Android app is generally really good, and much better than GMail. My phone never logs me out of e-mail and surely that's more of a security risk than a home-PC being logged in.

The login has kept changing over the past year as well - sometimes I'm required to login at, other times from the BT website. Other little things change too - it's very strange.

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Re: Not Receiving (Important!) E-mails

To add to the problems, if I type into my address bar it takes ages to forward to the login page.

If I prefix it with the https it's fine.

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