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Not able to connect WiFi Dongle 900 to Wifi Extender 1200

As the title says attemtping to connect to the 5G network transmitted from my WiFi extender 1200 using my Wifi Dongle appears impossible! I am using the dongle attached to a Dell laptop that does not have native dual band. The laptop will happily connect direct to my router Hub 5 with 2.4G and the dongle will connect direct to the router with 5G. There are many Wifi networks displayed under the Dongle if I click on the little wireelss icon including the EXT5-BTHub5 SSID generated by the extender - all I get after attempting to connect after it says "checking network requirements" is the dull message "cannot connect to this network". I know the 5G works from the extender as my tablet will happily connect to it with no issue. I've tried working through the "help me resolve this" check list, but it never finds any issues. I have renamed both the hub 2.4G and 5G bands and the done the same for the extender so they do not used the same confusing SSID. Anyone knows of any way to resolve this.

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Re: Not able to connect WiFi Dongle 900 to Wifi Extender 1200

Extremely long shot, but can't think of anything else, try changing the channel on the extender. Its just possible your tablet will connect to the channel in use but not the dongle for some reason.


If its on the same channel as the hub, change it to a different channel. If different, change it to the same as the hub!

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