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Not able to order in one street in Bridgend



I haven't been able to find an answer or get an answer on the phones so thought I might as well ask here.


I live on the Broadlands in Bridgend and this area is live with BT Infinity. I will shortly be moving to a house on the same estate but it seems that this one street cannot get infinity at all.


Is there a way of finding out if it there are plans to have the cabinet done or if there is just a problem ordering infinity and I can get it on my new street?


I am moving to CF31 5FG (Llwyn Castan) and there is a small BT cabinet at the end of the street with no infinity cabinet next to it (numbered 77 and it is on Clos Castel Coity. There is an infinity cabinet over on the corner of Llys Pentre/Careg Llwyd and from what I can see, this would cover a large area as I've been round and can't find another infinity cabinet on this side of the estate.


Llwyn Castan was built about 3 years ago and I can only presume that the new cabinet (77) was installed to service the street as according to the BT checker, the houses immediately over the road from here can get infinity.


So is there a way of escalating this to find out for sure?


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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend


From the openreach document I downloaded a while ago before it was pulled.

The only info I can find is to confirm the (pcp) cabinet number for that postcode is 77.


There isn't  "YES FTTC" info in the box.


SWBNP BRIDGEND CF315FG {SWBNP}{p77} 0 100 12.57


SWBNP BRIDGEND CF315HA {SWBNP}{p77} 0 100 12.57


Example of a postcode with the full info.-


SWBNP BRIDGEND CF315EY {SWBNP}{p76} 0 100 9.72 5a Yes FTTC


There is a post at the top of the forum.- Infinity has arrived but....


It may be the cabinet is too close to the exchange, other reasons in that link.


Edit The information I downloaded must be about 6 months old so things may change and it'll still happen for that cabinet... maybe a planning approval delay.


Perhaps someone with more recent information will reply.



Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

Thanks PC,


having looked at the reasons before, I can only conclude that planning permission is an issue as I'm smack bang in the middle of an estate which is serviced by infinity and our street can't get it.


Incredibly frustrating.

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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

Hi, I have the same problem, postcode is CF315FA, I assume I am connected to the same cabinet. How can one find out what is the satus for Infinity being deployed to this cabinet.

Annoying when other BT ciustomers within 500m from my address can access high speed internet for the same price !!!

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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

currently there appears no information for your cabinet all you can do is wait and keep checking
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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

Is there any way you can check on the status of Bridgend cabinet77?

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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

If you use this checker it will tell what cabinet you are on and what services it can receive

You can then email Openreach on giving them your cabinet number, exchange,telephone number and address and they should be able to reply with the up to date information. They can take a couple of weeks to reply.

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Re: Not able to order in one street in Bridgend

Hi DarrenYardley


The BRIDGEND exchange area was upgraded by the Commercial Openreach fibre broadband scheme.


You will need to email NGA Openreach via with your landline number, and full address to see if they have any more information regarding upgrading your cabinet. It may take a week or so to get a reply.


In areas where the commercial Superfast-Openreach fibre broadband rollout will not be able to reach, your local council or govenment BDUK superfast broadband rollout scheme may be able to help. For more information on your BDUK superfast broadband rollout scheme, you will need to contact your council or government.


In Wales the BDUK fibre broadband scheme which is managed by the Welsh Government in partnership with BDUK and the EU and is also in partnership with Openreach. Superfast Cymru aims to boost on to of the commercial roll-out of fibre broadband to deliver fast fibre broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Wales by 2016.


The BRIDGEND exchange area, was also planned to have further fibre development under the Superfast-Cymru BDUK scheme commencing around December 2013 time, this is under way.


You can also try emailing the Superfast-Cymru BDUK scheme via with your landline number, full address, postcode and exchange name. If you know your cabinet number then also include this. It may take a week to get a reply.


For more info on the Superfast-Cymru BDUK scheme go to



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