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Re: Not account holder

We had this probelm - we actually had 3 accounts.  The woman on the help desk said she would close 2 of them down and send a letter to let us know which account we are on. 


Now we justhave to wait.

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Re: Not account holder

I have had this problem described in all these posts and had the same problems with contacting the helplines - numerous calls, hours on the phone and nobody can help.  I think it is a technical issue and a bug in their system.

However I became aware that they seem to have details of an old email address of mine in their system which might be a result of having a BT contract a few years ago.   My BT Id using my new btinternet address says that I am not the account holder and actually refers to my husband by name as the account holder although he is not.  This status means my husband cannot access the sport.  With no solution in prospect and being thoroughly fed up with BT, I decide to explore the old email address.  It was recognised by BT when i tried to activate an account under this address - had to change password as i could not remember it.  I logged into my BT using this old email address and my husband's name was displayed, with the status on "you are the account holder".  Yippee.

Lo and behold he is able to watch sport using this login id!  I think it is a problem with mulitple email addresses and only one being designated as the account holder.  All very perverse and ridiculous.

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Not account holder

I am the account holder. However in MyBT the account holder owner is somebody else. I have spent days trying to get BT to sort this out with a fault number: VOL 012-********


The help page says that with a pin I should be able to change the account holder myself. However I have no such option. It just says phone BT, but that is a complete waste of time! According to this forum, I am not alone with this problem. I think BT should prioritise solving this problem, if they want to maintain customer goodwill!

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Re: Not account holder

I have exactly the same problem that everyone else has listed here.  I spoke to BT about multiple accounts that I had attached to my customer number and requested that all would be removed except one under my current email address.  BT deleted the primary account and left me with a guest account which does not have the account holder status....cheers for that!!  Now I've been waiting three weeks, on and off chat, on and off the phone, multiple emails sent and absolutely no satisfactory conclusion to the issue.  Without account holder status I cannot use BTsport online or use BTcloud, thus I cannot access important backed up documents etc.  How on earth can I get someone to resolve this issue if I keep getting hung up on, or re-queued in chat?  This is appauling customer service for something that should be relatively easy to rectify!!  Good luck with it everyone.

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