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Not another Smart Hub 2 Firmware update ! NAS can't be accessed !

This must be the fourth this year.

This is getting worse than Microsoft.

I suddenly discovered about an hour ago that I could not access my NAS, even though it was showing on Windows 10/Control panel/Network and Internet/Network sharing centre/View computers.

Despite re-boots and factory resets of the  NAS, and then the Desktop Windows 10 machine,  still no joy - but everything else seemed OK.

Then tried to log-in to the Smart Hub  2, only to find that not only my must recent password (Set 4/21) did unlock it but that the factory reset password didn't either.

So  I factory reset the Smart Hub and set-up new passwords.

And found that  the Firmware (In technical log section) was reporting that it had been updated @17:49 to version (From 0.26.04. 04227-BT, set in April this year).

Despite factory resetting still can't access the NAS though the sign-on window is easily accessible and the address reported is as previously.

Question 1. Are these "Firmware" updates legit ?

Question 2: If so, why so many this year ?

Question 3: How do I get the NAS access back ?


Any help appreciated.




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Re: Not another Smart Hub 2 Firmware update ! NAS can't be accessed !

1  yes

2   normally for updates due to fixes required often highlighted by customers posting here on the forum

3  have you turned off smart setup after your factory reset

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