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Not enough slots in the cabinet

My Daughter had requested a broadband installation, but she has been told by openreach there are not enough slots in the cabinet and it will need an other card added.  The problem is there is no set date for this and apparently there are several people waiting.  

How can fibre coverage be claimed when there are insufficient hardware upgrades for this to allow users to be added to the  network. 

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

Coverage has never been claimed to be 100%.

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

I don't think this reply is terrible helpful.  

The issue is not the claim but a lack of service, in upgrading the cabinets.  It is poor service not to be able to tell people there is a plan to do so an be able to give a clear date. 

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

This has absolutely nothing to do with BT, it is Openreach that supply the cabinets and ports to all ISPs.

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

This is beginning to sound like the railways, with each operation company blaming the network provider.  Again if you offer the product then cant deliver this is poor service which ever way you look at it.  


Then to be unable to give a date when the hardware is upgraded is unacceptable, even if BT provide the service and openreach the facility they should at least talk to each other 

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet


This is only a customer to customer help forum, everyone posting here are just customers, and do not work for BT Retail. The only BT employees are the moderators.

Read about Openreach here

Cabinets are upgraded when there are sufficient orders from Service Providers like BT Retail, Sky, TalkTalk etc.

Meanwhile, ADSL is normally available, and the package can be upgraded when capacity is available.

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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

The problem of full cabinets has been a fact of life for many years now - you may find this article useful:

BT FTTP 500/75 + pfSense + 4 x UniFi Wifi 6 Pro
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Re: Not enough slots in the cabinet

They’ll probably be some considerable delay in getting Capacity Increased as Openreach have openly said they are focusing all their Resources/Finances on getting 4 Million Premises Enabled for FTTP by end of next year.

Might just be a case of keep checking as someone might cease their service and a Port becomes available.

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