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Re: Not happy at all

ok monday the engineer was here checked everything at our end in the flat, downstairs and then went off to see what's wrong at the exchange.

well apparently when that part was replaced we should have been automatically back to the speed we used to have.

but somehow it didn't work so it gave us the slowest bb connection possible.


he tried but then had to do it manually. came back explained what he had done. connected everything ran a speed test and whoopee we never had a that fast bb. 15Mb/s and he even suggested we should get up to 18Mb/s but it would take a few days to settle down properly


happy and pleased we thanked and he left. at first we had a few hickups. the box restarted twice (i honestly didn't touch it) after that it was ok.

oddly enough yesterday though around 4pm it must have restarted again for no apparent reason (we've been away) anyway the speed was still the same no problems.

then between 10-11pm suddenly the speed dropped dramatically. i actually first thought it might have been my boyfriend updating his pc because around the same time my pc was having updates.


but the speed didn't pick up after that. so i ran another speedtest and now we are down to 3.4Mb/s

i thought not again Smiley Sad

that was when i noticed the box had restarted again.


i am just worried that the speed won't pick up like it did last time and we're stuck on a low speed again. and i have to go through the same hideous process once more.


i am now actually thinking of getting infinity because it is possible where we live. we could have lived happily ever after with total broadband if the speed was between 15 and 18Mb/s. but not when it's behaving it does now Smiley Mad


i just find it strange that 2 restarts within a few minutes after it came back on and 1 restart 30 hours later the exchange thinks we have a bad connection.

we never had any speed problems before and the only time i switch the router off completely is when we go on holidays but even then the speed comes back up as it always has been straight away.

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