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Not happy atall.

I made a order online on the 22nd march for a line to go back to bt from sky (as needed to get the infinity bb) and so i paid in full rather than take the monthly payments,id already got my mac code in hand from orange(ok not as fast as infinity but never had any problems with connection plus it was free with mobile)and proceeded to order the option 2 package,on completion i got my actiivation dates etc and a date for recieving modem and engineer visit only for me to get a phone call the next day to rearange a new date which i accepted, only to get another call today from a very nice lady in scotland dundalk i think she said, only to tell me that until the phone is activated no appointments should have been made which will be the 7th of april and then i should await a phone call the following day with a new engineer visit which could be a month after the order was placed!!!


so all in all ive had 2 dates and now awaiting a 3rd.


I dont understand why it matters that until the phone is activated that no appointment should have been made???when clearly the website is happy to generate one originally then a representative calls me with another with no mention of a line needing to be swtched before???which it would have any way phone activated same day as engineer visit.


To say im not happy is an understatement im leaving somewhere i dont pay for broadband ive switched my line to them and all ive had so far is agro,we are a working family that dont have each and everyday to sit it and wait for bt to arrange a date convenient for them and at the expense from us when its us the paying customer who should be doing the dictating im on the verge of making a complaint and am certainly contemplating calling the whole thing off unless something is done soon before i recieve my hub on wednesday infact whilst writing this im getting annoyed because ive booked next thursday afternoon off work for this,FUMING!


Ive decided that i will contact ofcom with this because its just unacceptable i dont know if im coming or going.





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Re: Not happy atall.

Hi mivanp,


Yeah I am afraid that there are two different engineers needed for the line and Infinity installation but I can appreciate that couple of different appointments already must be annoying.


I'll be happy to help out and keep an eye on this for you.  Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section and mark FAO Craig please.




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Re: Not happy atall.

Thanx for the quick response craigs it is appreciated, i have been informed today and from the start there will be no need for an engineer for the phone , i have a line im just switching back to BT.ill forward my details as requested and hope for the best or cancelation and complaint to ofcom pending.nothing personal to you craigs but im annoyed as you can understand(i hope).


I have a account number that doesnt have 2 letters before it, and a order number and a reference number  but all will not work on the contact us form please advise???


EDIT:unless i put them in the box at the bottom but didnt know that till afterwards aaarrrggghh

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Re: Not happy atall.

what is the escallation departments number so i can cancel the lot including my phone line?(120 already paid upfront) im not prepared to pay to be treated in this way and cant afford it(time off work here and there). its a complete farce. im guessing it will be best to call in the morning rite otherwise im speaking to india tonite i take it.

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Re: Not happy atall.

Well as i said i would i called them this morning and requested a callback within 15 mins my mobile was ringing i couldnt believe it,it was bt a very nice and polite scottish lady Robot surprised


I explained everything that had happened so far regarding my order and told her that with everything thats happened so far i feel like just cancelling the lot as ive done everyhting far and above a customer should do considering ill be paying you to set up my account with you and feel very let down which i do IM REALLY ANNOYED how a new customer can be treated like that,the way i look at it if you can be treated that bad as a new customer then what chance have you got when you may have a problem?


Anyway all in all i got the same answer as to why this has happened which is at least consistent that my engineer appointments should never have been made due to the phone having to be activated first before a appointment can be made.


I told her due to everything that has happened i really feel unhappy about continuing any further with BT and that i want to cancel and get my upfront paid line rental back and revert back to all my old accounts.


Ive now been told that i will get compensation and a promise of when the activation of the line is complete on thursday that my infinity engineer appointment will be within a couple of days and not any longer.


so i suppose im giving them the benefit of the doubt but if the above doesnt happen i will with most definatly be cancelling everything ill let you know what happens.

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