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Not happy with BT Speed, use of App or TV.

I am on high speed BB with BT. Checked my speed today and it is only 56mpbs.  Tried to log into APP to do speed test with them but saying my log in details are incorrect. I KNOW THEY AREN'T because they are the same ones I have had for years.  I retry, and get locked out. I try to re set log in using my home phone number, but their web site is telling me it does not recognise it. REALLY ?  

So, now the MY BT APP is logged out and not allowing me in, the BT TV app has logged me out and won't let me back in. During the log in process I was sent text messages with security codes to use. NONE of these worked for me. 

What the hell is going on. it seems every single time I need to log into BT I go through the same frustrating thing. 

To add insult to injury, my broadband keeps cutting out and giving very slow speeds and since they dropped the only channel I ever watch 513, I came to realise that every other channel they have on is rubbish and repeated continuously. 

I have been with BT for many years but I think that it is time to move on now and perhaps get Sky for my services. 

They really are not offering anything that I want or need, or at least they are not giving me what I am paying for. 

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Re: Not happy with BT Speed, use of App or TV.

According to this thread MovieshMovies 24 was removed on 31st March which was channel 513 🤔


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Re: Not happy with BT Speed, use of App or TV.

Also, you say that your internet speed is only 56mbps.. what is your minimum speed guarantee? Your email address for the MyBT app will be the one you originally registered the account with... Are you sure that you're using the correct one? 

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Re: Not happy with BT Speed, use of App or TV.


Thank you so much for your reply.  I do appreciate you taking the time to do that, especially now. 

That is a very good question about what my broadband speed is.  I signed up to Broadband Infinity 2 and while I was on that package, I was receiving speeds in the 70's.  Strangely since being moved onto Halo 1, I have had issues with the speed and use of my television.  Yesterday I had speeds of 50.9 , via BT Broadband monitor, not 57 as I said in my previous email. I also tested on two other speed testing sites and they recorded download speed of 8.34Mbps and 3.93Mbps. 

I started noticing my speed had reduced after transferring onto Halo. It is as if my speed has been slowed right down. I am not  able to use Facetime with my family and gaming is out of the question for my Son and myself.

My television cuts out and gives a (not connected to broadband) message constantly and yet the broadband is still showing blue and working.  It is as though there is not a strong enough download speed to keep it working.

I know the demand for broadband during this time must be at it's highest and I accept it may well be slow during lock down, but not to the extent that I am unable to use it. 

You may think this is sad, but the only channel I ever watched on BT TV was MOVIES 24. When this channel was taken away it left me wondering why I need BT TV and should I get Sky.  I also find that BT TV is not the best for vision either. The Picture is way much clearer using Sky for some reason. It is much sharper and clearer via Sky. 

There has definitely been a change in my service regarding the speed and quality to the point that I am now checking out my options, regardless of whether my contract with BT is at an end or not. I am clearly not getting what I signed up for and certainly not getting what I am paying for. 

In relation to the APPS and signing into MYBT. I have the same issue every single time to the point that I never use them.  My log in and email have been exactly the same since signing up with BT  many years ago and yet every time I go to log in I end up going through the same frustrating procedure. Both withe APS and on my main computer. I can spend ages trying to get logged in to no avail. There are times when I have given up and rang, but there is now a 20min wait to get through due to the current situation. 

I accept that none of my issues are urgent or that important in the scheme of things, but they are issues that will need sorting eventually. 

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Re: Not happy with BT Speed, use of App or TV.

In addition to the above. I have always purchased the most expensive and highest speed broadband from BT as it is very important to my work and home life. I have no idea whether this Halo 1 is comparable to what I had before and it is all very confusing to understand.
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