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Not impressed so far...

Well I've had inifinity for a couple of weeks, I say I've had it, because I'm sure that's what I'm going to be billed for, but I haven't had it available to use all the time.


First my original install date of 13th May came and went. I sat in waiting for an engineer, none arrived. At 6pm I rang BT and asked what was going on and was told there was a problem with my local exchange which prevented the install. I've later heard that is was a national thing. Whatever it was, nobody bothered to tell me, and I sat at home from 1pm to 6pm waiting.


The install finally happened on 20th May, that was the earliest they could manage. It worked (hurrah)... For a while at least, although the power supply for the HH3 puts so much noise onto my ring main, my previously reliable Xyxel ethernet over powerline boxes won't work. Unplug the HH3 power supply, and they work. Plug it back in and they stop talking to each other. So I've had to go back to wireless for my laptop at least.


Since then I have lost connection on many occasions. Sometime the HH3 just stops talking via wifi, but the cabled ethernet remains okay. Reboot HH3 and back it comes. Other times the internet connection just stops. Rebooting both boxes sometimes sorts it, but often I have to ring the support desk and they go off, say they've found errors on the line, press a few buttons, and back it comes again.


Tonight at about midnight it vanished again... Just as I was trying to finish some work off. So I ring 150, and after pressing various buttons to get through the auto attendant (do you realise how annoying it is for an auto attendant on the "I have a problem with my broadband" option to go on about checking online for a solution? I've already pressed buttons to say my broadband has a problem, how the **bleep** am I supposed to do that?!!! Grrrr!).

Anyway, I get told there is planned enigneering work, and I can hear where it is on an 0800 number...


So I call it.


Guess what, my area isn't mentioned. So I ring through 150 again, growl at the "have you tried our lovely online solutions..." waffle, and talk to support... Well talk is being generous, I talked, he made noises which occasionally contained a sound I recognised... Honestly where do you find these people? Okay, I know, you find them in India, but could you at least find some that have an accent which an Englishman could understand! I'd have had more chance understanding a drunk Geordie.


Anyway, it appears my area is affected. I'm in Essex, I'm outside the M25... Am I to believe that "London and Greater London" in your engineering info has now extended to me? How far does "Greater London" reach on the BT map?


So yes, now I have no broadband from midnight to 6 (or 8am according to Indian man).


Now I appreciate you have to do engineering work, and that with luck it might make my connection better, but how about this for a revolutionary idea, how about warning us customers in advance, you do have our email addresses after all?


So now I have to finish work via a smartphone balanced on the window ledge tethered to my laptop.

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Re: Not impressed so far...

You must have read these forums before you signed up I hope, NOW is the time for you to keep taking the tablets and wait.

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Re: Not impressed so far...

So you mean this is normal acceptible behaviour?


Sod that!


Oh, and now P2P is unusable too, managed 3KB/s overnight, I would have been much faster if I plugged in my old V92 modem!


Impressive upgrade work you did over night BT!


You know what, my previous ISP was cheap cheap talk talk, I could barely get 2.5Mb/s on my crappy pair. In all the years I had them I had less frustration and calls to their support than BT (the national telecoms supplier) has managed in 3 weeks!

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Re: Not impressed so far...

Welcome to the  party Pal.


On a side note, World Of Tanks?


Loves that game, oh yes.

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Re: Not impressed so far...

Something happened last night. Presumably maintainance of some kind.  Minimum latecy has increased though.



Whatever they've done it looks like they've made matters worse.


Pervious graph.


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