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Not receiving stay fast guarantee

Hi, I've been with BT for two weeks and I'm paying for 150 download with stay fast guarantee of 100. Most of the time I'm actually receiving 40-50 download according to every single speed test on the internet, including ofcom. 

The only speed test that is claiming that I'm getting 150 download is, yes you guessed it, BT speed test. Now how are BT getting away with this and what can be done about it? This is basically a lie and for whatever reason they feel the need to scam me out of two thirds of what I'm paying them for. 

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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

First of all stay fast guarantee refers to sync speed not download speed. Secondly, the BT speed test resides within the BT network which is the only part of the internet that they can have any control over. A speed test performed anywhere else could be traversing any old piece of wet string.

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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

How are you measuring this, over WiFi or with a wired device ?, if WiFi then it’s a pointless test, no provider guarantees speed over WiFi .
Post your router advanced stats....
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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee


Welcome to this user forum.

The BT speed test measures the speed of the BT part of the link before it enters the main Internet. So its the only accurate way to measure the performance of your service, and is the only one that BT will accept.

Other speed tests are affected by the amount of traffic on the Internet itself, and are not an accurate representation of your connection.

Also all speed test must be done using a computer directly connected to the BT Home Hub, using an Ethernet cable.


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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

I'm testing via wired connection directly from the brand new BT Hub installed by the engineer two weeks ago. Occasionally I will receive the 150 promised but the majority of the time BT feel the need to throttle it and scam me out of what I'm paying them for. 

Now you guys are telling me that I have to believe a fake test that doesn't actually test what I'm receiving. This should be banned, this is a scam, plain and simple.


The question is, why do this? Sure, some people will fall for this, but ultimately they are just annoying the ones that aren't as easily fooled. 

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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

BT don't throttle speeds it's a myth people like to throw around when not getting the expected speeds. If you follow the advice given above people will try to help you out though

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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

If I'm occasionally getting what I paid for but more regularly not then they're throttling my speed, simple.

There is no actual advice, I've ran multiple tests over a week and this is a scam, I'm not receiving what is advertised, it's that simple.

Next step ofcom.
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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

there is no scam by BT. If there was as you claim then OFCOM and advertising standards would be your first post of call.  Please update this thread after you have been to OFCOM

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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

Hello @Tom6187,


Just get a third-party VDSL modem / router, it's the best money spent on it and the best move I've ever made. ISP routers are rubbish 😆 that's my option. I get my full promised speeds etc.



Kind regards,


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Re: Not receiving stay fast guarantee

@Anonymous  As the OP is on G.Fast a third party VDSL router would just be a good doorstop.

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