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Notification of email closure for email NOT on my BT account

Roughly a week ago I got a call from BT Text Service informing me that an email address on my account has not been used in a while and will be closed.

I assumed that this was a scam since I didn't right away recognise the email address and it was a robotic voice.

As it turns out, this WAS a real email address but it belonged to somebody else from a completely different BT account. I was able to speak to the family member who created the email address on their own BT service and alert them of this - they did not receive any notification that one of their email addresses were about to be terminated and they would not have known unless I passed along the message on behalf of BT....

I really have no idea why or how this has happened but I should not be getting notified of things to do with a completely separate BT account. I've had a similar thing happen before where I have been notified of activity for a BT service/account that does not belong to me and it seems that it has just happened again.

Would it be possible to have this looked at and sorted out for good?

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Re: Notification of email closure for email NOT on my BT account

Hi @Kodak 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I'm sorry for the confusion here.  From reading your post, what I believe has happened is that the mailbox in question was originally created against your BT ID and then gifted to your family member.  Although this would give them their own BT ID to manage the mailbox and it wouldn't show on your BT ID, it would still be linked to yours as the owning BT ID.

I would need to see the details though to double check that's the case.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Notification of email closure for email NOT on my BT account

Hey, thanks for the reply!

What you've suggested does sound pretty much on point with what the cause behind it could be.
From what I can remember the email used for the BTID of their own service was created under my BTID when they were present at this location, but after moving away the email account was transferred over to their own service and used as a BTID for that.

The email in question that was about to be terminated and that I got notified for was actually created by them under that BTID. That would still end up notifying me due to the recursive nature of "ownership"?

I have gotten your Private Message and will be filling out the details for that right now!
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Re: Notification of email closure for email NOT on my BT account


Any update on when this would be looked at? I've not heard anything following my reply to your Private Message.

Thank in advance!

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