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Now HH5 keeps losing internet connectivity. Any suggestions

I've asked for help with this problem before with my HH4. The suggestion was that it could be a sync problem with the modem. I've just renewed my contract and changed to HH5 but the problems are exactly the same.

Wired and wireless connections just stop responding. My main PC is a wired connection and Chrome just says 'resolving host' and eventually times out. Firefox and internet explorer just time out. Similar on my laptop/Ipad which are wireless. Also my Youview just shows a blank screen if I'm watching internet channels/catchup.

If I use windows explorer to try to look at my network it just doesn't respond.

This lasts for up to 10 minutes and happens several times a day. Then it all springs back into action and all is fine until next time!

Streaming movies movies to my TV or playstation also stops when this happens.

My HH5 (and HH4 before it) shows a constant blue light with no signs of faults. A pal who lives just round the corner assures me his BT Infinity behaves just the same although I have never seen evidence of it.

I've tried using public dns servers but still the same. It seems, from searching the forums, that I am not alone in this.


Any further suggestions before I pull my remaining hair out?



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