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Now TV Cinema connection problems

Hi I recently posted about all the trouble I was having with Now TV Entertainment, [ picture breaking up] . Now I have added Now Cinema just to try it out for a few Months.

Well straight away I am having problems. I have recorded several films to my box [dtr t4000] initially they would not play and came up with error code [forgot 6061 ???] anyway when I clicked on help button all was ok and I could watch the film.

I have my DTR T4000 connected to my Denon amp 2200 via HDMI , I have changed nothing in my set up its always been like that. Now when i try to watch recorded film I can't get any picture at all. I have to turn everything off then, turn each item on  eventually I will get picture and sound . It is just pure luck I eventually manage to get a picture and watch the film! OH another odd thing the Denon shows sound as Dolby Atmos!!! blank screen now tv film.jpg  

Any ideas it is so frustrating. There are far too many things not working properly regarding BT and Now TV App, I feel like cancelling both my subs . Thanks...

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