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Now TV access

I have recently signed up to the full BT TV package including access to Now TV via other devices.  I have an email  username but Now TV have transposed two letters in my email address so they can only send a password set up email to a non-existent email address.  Who can I speak to and arrange for this to be corrected?  Thanks 

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Re: Now TV access

If you are a BT broadband customer,then you can create something like (I think) 15 email accounts to give to others

Assuming you have a BT internet address and you know the incorrect details held by NowTV, you could try taking advantage of your spare accounts and set up a new one using those details.

ie create an email address to match the details held by Now TV.

Either that or ring 0800800150 and wait for a reply


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Re: Now TV access

Thanks, I've just done that and will give it a try.  I'll let you know!

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Re: Now TV access

Just to let you know that I didn't receive any emails at the new address but did manage to contact the sales people at BT who put me through to BT TV support 0800 028 5085 who have emailed Now TV to reset my account - takes up to 24 hours - they also explained that changing email addresses doesn't work but couldn't explain the details unfortunately - something to do with the TV box. Thanks.

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