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Now on my 3rd Smart Hub 6 in FOUR MONTHS of service

I really don't understand what is going on - is the HH6 really this unreliable??


Each time I have no problems at all for weeks - superfast connection, no dropoffs, no issues at all.


Then all of a sudden I lose connection -  the HH6 has a blue light but I can't connect to any external websites.  


Factory reset doesn't do anything -  trying to trace a connection to the BT website (or any other website) fails, although I can ping successfully.


Each time a new HH6 has been sent out which instantly fixes the issue


Is this a hardware fault?   Are the previous two homehubs really now completely unusable???     or is it a software update that breaks them in which case a later update should fix the issue so I shouldnt junk them quite yet.

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Re: Now on my 3rd Smart Hub 6 in FOUR MONTHS of service

It's debateable whether the hubs have failed completely but based on the reports here in the forum I would say your best bet is to buy a good third-party modem/router.  Then you have no issues with connection dropping, wireless failure etc.

Asus, Billion, DrayTek and others to chose from, depends on the features you want and how much you have to spend.