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Now tv - vice channel

Hi can someone advise me where the vice channel is now in the EPG I see it's still included as part of the new now TV ents package however I can't see the channel only the BT TV version and it doesn't let me watch it.

I've just swapped over from BT ENT max

Many thanks 

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Re: Now tv - vice channel

Hi @moonie2014 

I believe that  currently  with the Now Entertainment pass 

You get these live channels: Sky 1, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Gold, Sky Crime, Comedy Central, Sky Arts, Fox, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Channel and SyFy.


You also get box sets for shows from all of these channels, plus VICE, Challenge andPick.



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Re: Now tv - vice channel

@zulu17 thanks for that. It does show here as a channel though. I wonder if thats a mistake?

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Re: Now tv - vice channel

ok glad I'm not the only one who got a tad confused about vice being in the new entertainment package. Don't get me wrong i called and got switched over so easily it was on my tv as i spoke to the adviser in Doncaster.  it's not a big thing but the way it's promoted its like AMC & Vice are included . It doesn't seem to be. It ain't a big thing because I'm loving the access that I have now have to the sky/now channels but I do miss the vice programs they put out. Kinda funky and different.. But hey vive la  change ..😁

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Re: Now tv - vice channel

@zulu17 Vice is not include in the new entertainment packages but AMC is.

I was switched on the Big Entertainment package and HD boost or HD blot on as BT seem to still call it with in 25/30mins I could have got a new Youview box sent out but told them I don't need a new Youview box just now.

Challenge and Pick are Freeview channels. So you get them anyway no matter if you got a pay tv package or not.


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