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Nuisance calls purporting to be from BT

I have been receiving nuisance calls from someone purporting to be from BT to tell me that there is something wrong with my line and many lines in my area.  The usual scam stuff about they want me to open my laptop so that they can “show me the problems I have with my line” and of course, when I say that I don’t need to see the problems, I just want them fixed, they hung up. I have checked the lines in my area on the BT web site and all seems to be ok and I am not having any problems, but I am posting because I thought BT should know that this is happening and I cannot find a way to email BT on a general subject like this.

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Re: Nuisance calls purporting to be from BT

there are numerous posts like your on the forum and can be found using search facility

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