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OMG my first call to tech India!

Ok, I was first connected to bt 2 months ago.

I have option 3 BB, gold tv, and anytime phone.


So far the service has been great, tv works perfectly, BB is around 16-17meg constant, and the phoneline is perfect.


I have a niggly problem with the wireless, which for some reason fails to respond every now and then.

I have checked all settings, drivers, channels etc etc, and still get the problem, it is a faulty Home hub.


1pm today I rang India.

Oh dear!


It took 7 attempts for the Indian woman to get my phone number right, 3 attempts to get my address right, then I got to explaining the problem.


OMG I now have a lot less hair on my head than before.


I told her that my hub was faulty.

I explained that when connected via usb it works perfect at all times.

When the wireless is running, it is perfect.

However, at times the wireless fails to respond, and the only way to solve it is a hard reset.

I explained that there is no reception or interfearance issues, all of my equipment is fine, and that it is not a service issue, and that the problem is with the Hub, it needs replacing.


Her response... I'll do a line test!

I thought I would play along, so I agreed.

Line test results... perfect.

Next.. can I log onto the hub and change the channel number.


My response, No.

I have tried that.


Her response.. Please try again!

Again, I refused.

Here next response.

Reset the hub!

I again told her that didnt need doing.

Her next response,.

Reset my computer!

I again refused, and again told her all I need is a replacement hub.

She then asked if she could access my pc to check my settings.

I reluctantly agreed.

She fiddled around for 15minutes, changing settings on my pc, then told me she had lost connection!!!


I told her I had seen her deactivate the usb connection and delete the networkm key, so of course she had lost connection.


She then told me that was what the problem was, the network key was invalid, but that she had resolved it, and was there anything else she could help me with!!!

I laughed, I thought she was joking!

I said to her 'you have made things worse by deleteing the network key and deactivating the local connection via usb.


She said that the reason my wireless wasent working was because my network key was invalid!!

I started getting angry, and explained in SLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW English that when I rang here first, the only problem I had was the occasional unresponsivness on the wireless from the hub, but now after her help, my usb connection had be deactivated, and my wireless settings had been deleted!


She still didnt get it!

Eventually she agreed to send a new hub, but at the end of the call I had to fix the damage she had done to my pc.


What would have happened if I didnt know how to fix it?

These people are absolute idiots.

I will not speak to these foreign muppets again, and instead I will be demanding to speak to somebody in Britain if I have to ring again.


These people are costing BT money, they are ann

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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

Don't EVER let them connect to your computer, especially if you use a Mac . . . !


One day last year it took me several hours to undo the damage done to a friend's Mac in this manner.

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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

I made the silly mistake of letting remote access to the pc.

Took me some time to fix the mess they made.

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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

Best advice is never let anyone have remote access to a pc or mac at the end of the day the device is yours with your data on it if you fancy risking losing it then let others control it personally only one person accesses my systems and that is ME
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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

The thing is chaps, when you ring the help desk at a company the size of BT, you expect the employee to be well trained, and to know what they are doing, so of course, when she asked to access my pc, I had no reason to think she would **bleep** it up!


I'll tell you what though, I wont be dealing with any more of those idiots in India again.

If I get through to them, I will demand transfer to England, if they refuse, Il ring the cancellation number and get it dealt with by them.


BT is a blimmin expensive service, so I expect a premium level treatment, and nothing less.

Im paying £60 a month, so for that I expect a decent level of customer service.

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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

Same could be said about Microsoft but i would not trust them either best rule never let any one access a system except you
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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

You know what they say...  once bitten twice shy!

Smiley Happy

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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

Hi Marc,


Can you a tell us what BT Home Hub you have?? There are two versions, Type A and Type B.


We had several Type A's until we received our Type B and not had any problems since.  Dont get me wrong, we have reset the device and that helps, like most things - computers needs a reboot now and again 😉


What is really shocking is that they suggested to perform a Line Test - this proving that they are working from some kinda script.  The next part was remote connection, did BT advise what they where doing before they disconnected and uninstalled your devices?


Also, you say you have connected your home hub via USB, i am assuming you have a WiFi Dongle attached to your computer???



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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

Are you using windows 7 ?


If are check and see if you have 'power down when not in use' turned off



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Re: OMG my first call to tech India!

its a hub2, 2months old, and most definately faulty!


The bt india woman was most definately working from a script and was getting quite worked up when I refused to play along with it.

It was as if she was scared to skip a step, even though I know exactly what the problem is and told her so!


She wanted to remote connect to my pc to check my connections, both wired and wireless, incase I was lying to her, thats the long and short of it, I only agreed to shut up her whinning to be honest!


I then watched her disable the local network connection, and delete the saved wireless info, before telling me she found the problem!

I still cant beleive that happened!!


As In explained to india more than once, I have an xbox and btvision box connected via wire, and a pc, 2 laptops, and printer via wireless.

I have not once had a problem with a wired connection.


When the wireless signal fails on the pc, I have also checked the 2 laptops, and they have no wireless connection either, yet connect a cable, and it works fine.


Reboot the router, and the wireless is fine again for a day or so.


I really cant see why bt india had to make such a big deal over it.


Pop a new hub in the post, problem sorted.. it really is that easy!


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